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Bush had referred to God in 60 instances. Jeffress, one of the first prominent evangelical pastors to back Trump for president, said his God talk was apolitical. “I understand that cynical people would say this is just for political expediency, but ... I believe this comes out of some deep beliefs that he has personally,” Jeffress said. Trump, who describes himself as Presbyterian, was ชุดเครื่องนอน jessica not known to be an avid churchgoer before becoming president and critics have said his blunders on basic biblical knowledge, harsh attacks on political adversaries, and his demeaning comments about women clash with Christian principles. “He, himself, doesn’t have the most sterling track record in terms of either church attendance or professed or displayed knowledge of scripture,” Gary Scott Smith, a historian and author of “Religion in the Oval Office: The Religious Lives of American Presidents,” said of Trump. The pastors involved with Trump’s evangelical advisory board describe him, though, as very inquisitive about faith and more thoughtful on religion than he might appear in public and conservative pastors have continued to support him through various firestorms. Evangelicals have had “unprecedented” White House access in this administration, said Richard Land, a board member and president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, a Christian college. After Trump’s response to violence between white nationalists and left-wing protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, led to two of his business advisory councils disbanding, there were questions about the evangelical board’s future. Brooklyn, New York, megachurch pastor A.R.

In addition to our ability to custom-match any color and our satisfaction guarantee with free returns and color adjustments, which we offer all our customers, we’ll offer the trade exclusive incentives such as a 20-percent discount; complimentary custom made swatch books they can share with clients; and collaboration with designers’ brand partnerships, such as the ability to dye-to-match their signature colors or to match a designer’s furniture, wallpaper or fabric line, for example. We will also offer a designated color consultant trained to work with the trade who can offer color expertise and guidance on finding the best hue for the client. We are serious about becoming a valuable resource for designers. The second pillar of our Trade program will be collaborating with designers on lookbooks and co-branded colors. Last fall, we launched the first Flaneur lookbook with the celebrated [interior] designer Estee Stanley, with color combinations and looks styled by Estee. What excites you most about working in the e-commerce space and where do you see consumer personalization services in the future? Xiong: Unlike traditional luxury customization service, Flaneur’s customers enjoy the comfort of ordering from wherever they choose at whatever purchase rate they require. We believe personalization services will soon become the winning hand of consumer brands. Customers are swapping out impersonal bleached white bedding for custom-color. We hope a day will come when bleached white sheets are seen as unfinished. The research shows that customers are more loyal to the brands that provide customization.

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